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Tony Romo’s overcome adversity since day 1, why would it stop now?

19 August 2016: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (#9) during the NFL preseason game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire)
Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire

After Sunday night’s victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, placing rookie quarterback Dak Prescott anywhere near a bench might be a tough thing to do for the Dallas Cowboys. One of the biggest reasons for that, though, was because Prescott put on his best Tony Romo impersonation. Fortunately for Romo, the fact that he’s shown this incredible resiliency and ability to overcome adversity, could be why he thrives if he gets the nod from coaches.

Prescott had a brutal start to his Sunday night outing, and the Cowboys were behind 23-13 after some mediocre play and a brutal end-zone interception.Then, he did what Romo has done all of his career, put together a massive comeback. Romo has 25 comeback victories on his resume, but No. 26 might be the biggest one of his entire career for the 36-year-old quarterback.

While Romo has battled injuries consistently throughout his career, missing 34 games to this point, he just keeps coming back. And as crazy as it may seem, he’s coming back strong almost every time. After his 2010 injury in which he missed 10 games, he threw for 4,184 yards and 31 touchdowns the following season. Then in 2013, he needed surgery to repair a disc in his back after a Week 16 injury. His comeback was then made official in 2014 when he had one of his best seasons ever, throwing for 34 touchdowns against just nine interceptions.

This is what Romo has always done. He’s thrived under pressure, and you shouldn’t be all that surprised by that since the undrafted free agent from Eastern Illinois had to battle just to make the Cowboys in the first place. He’s a fan favorite, but while the love for Prescott, especially after Sunday night, runs thick right now, Romo is still anxiously waiting.

Prescott is going to be the Cowboys quarterback of the future, but what about for the rest of 2016-17? Back in September, owner Jerry Jones had no questions about who his quarterback was. According to ESPN’s Jean-Jacques Taylor, Jones simply stated the Cowboys are a better team with Romo at the helm.

“Tony’s situation, when he’s back, will be about whether he’s functional,” Jones said. “We’re a better team. We play better.”

His tune has obviously changed just a bit, with Prescott now reeling off six-straight victories, but there’s no denying that some people will push for Romo. Especially once the Cowboys lose another game or two. The feeling came on Sunday night when the Cowboys finally looked human again, and it seemed as if the veteran QB’s return was almost going to be a lock.

Sunday night showed that Prescott is ready for the big stage, but it also shows the rollercoaster that the NFL is capable of being. So, when Romo does get ready to go, if Prescott takes a step back or a defense shuts him down for an entire game, will Jason Garrett then look to the vet to get them flowing again?

If he does choose then, then no one should bet against Romo. He may not have a lot left in the tank, and another year or so is probably all Cowboys fans can realistically expect, but if he does get his chance, he could immediately step in and keep this team pushing the top.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fred Back

    October 31, 2016 at 9:32 am

    “Sunday night showed that Prescott is ready for the big stage,”

    Actually, it didn’t. His performance was poor, not even average. He was fortunate that his screw-ups didn’t cost the team more than it did. He led a comeback situation that they were in because of him. The Eagles were ripe for a beat down and Prescott was the only reason they were still in the game, missing open receivers, throwing into coverage, and letting the pressure rattle him.

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